Fruit for Health

Picked up a smoothie the other day and thought I’d share the message that came with it, giving credit to Froots:

  • Strawberry boosts your immune system
  • Blueberry preserves your memory
  • Pineapple strengthens your bones
  • Banana protects your heart

Way to go!  Let’s share this with others.


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Summer Rescue Kit

Please don’t let the summer sun & fun take a toll on your hair. Restore the vibrancy & depth of your color, remove build-up & prevent sun damage with these three exceptional performance products from Eufora. This month the Summer Rescue Special buy 10.1 oz Urgent Repair Detoxifying Shampoo and the 6 oz Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment and receive a 10 oz Hydration Leave in Conditioner (FREE). Promotion through July and August or while supplies last. In salon only.

AccentBeauty Organic Lifestyle SalonSpa “creates and enhances vehicles for self expression and empowerment, sources for daily joy and positive energy, for better beauty, health and fashion in the world.” Make someone’s day!

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That Which Is In You

We’ve created some of the most innovative Guest Experience programs in our industry, building on a life’s work, and this will continue as each day presents the most fantastic opportunities for AccentBeauty’s unique expression and realization of Beauty, that which is in you.

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The Best Products In The World

The Best Products In The World are those with multiple purpose, meaning they offer the best environmentally friendly elements that are good for the Guest, the Environment, and the Community.  If they impact all three in a positive way it matters.  –  John McWilliams,

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